Latest update 7:10pm, Wednesday 30 June



  • New Zealand is currently at Alert Level 1.
  • Services are operating as scheduled - please view timetable details below.
  • Masks continue to be a legal requirement on all services - see below. 



You must wear a mask or face covering on all InterCity services. You'll need to supply your own mask and keep it on throughout your journey. 

For more information about masks and homemade face coverings, visit the official government COVID-19 website.  



Cancelled bookings will be refunded - please be patient as our team works to notify affected customers and process refunds. 



If you have an upcoming booking and would like to postpone your travel, you can log in to change your booking online, or email us with your booking details. We will respond as soon as we can. 



Please stay home and do not travel if you are sick or have any of the following flu-like symptoms: a cough, high temperature of at least 38c, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing and runny nose or a temporary loss of smell. For more information see  



Because we collect all the necessary contact tracing information when you book your trip with us, we are not required to display QR codes on our buses (see the Ministry of Transport website for more info). However, you are welcome to add your trip manually to the COVID app if you'd like to have a record of your journey in your 'diary'.




You can use our Bus Tracker to check full timetables including arrival and departure for specific stops, and track your bus in real time.


Service Number Route


Timetable ends
IC6101 Kerikeri - Auckland (Express Service: No Rest Stops) Daily  
IC6108 Auckland - Kerikeri Daily  
IL6202 Hamilton - Auckland Sun to Fri  
IL6223 Auckland - Hamilton Mon to Fri  
IL6239 Auckland - St Peters College Sun    
IC6210 Rotorua - Auckland Daily  
IC6219 Auckland - Rotorua Daily  
IC6228 Rotorua - Hamilton Fri & Sun  
IC6229 Hamilton - Rotorua Fri & Sun  
IC6253 Auckland - Hamilton (via Auckland Airport) Mon to Fri  
IC6254 Hamilton - Auckland (via Auckland Airport) Mon to Fri  
IC6356 Bayfair - Auckland  Daily  
IC6357 Auckland - Tauranga  Daily  
IC6363 Auckland - Bayfair Daily  
IC6374 Mount Maunganui - Auckland Daily  
IC6371 Auckland - Tauranga  Daily except Saturday  
IC6366 Bayfair - Auckland  Daily except Saturday  
IC6372 Hamilton - Tauranga Daily except Saturday  
IC6373 Tauranga - New Plymouth Daily except Saturday  
IC6404 New Plymouth - Hamilton Daily except Saturday  
IC6415 Hamilton - New Plymouth Fri, Sun  School term only
IC6416 New Plymouth - Hamilton Fri, Sun School term only
IC6407 Auckland - Palmerston North Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC6412 Palmerston North - Auckland Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC6602 Hastings - Auckland Daily  
IC6609 Auckland - Hastings Daily  
IC7324 Auckland - Paihia Daily  
IC7329 Paihia - Auckland Daily  
IC7325 Kerikeri - Auckland Daily except Saturday  
IC7326 Auckland - Kerikeri Daily except Saturday  
IC7330 Kerikeri - Kaitaia Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun  
IC7331 Kaitaia - Kerikeri Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun  
IC6211 Auckland - Gisborne Daily  
IC6222 Gisborne - Auckland Daily except Friday  
IC6224 Gisborne - Auckland Friday only  
IC6364 Wellington - Napier Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC6367 Napier - Wellington Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC6965 Gisborne - Napier Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC6966 Napier - Gisborne Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC6501 Auckland - Wellington Daily  
IC6502 Wellington - Auckland Daily   
IC6503 Auckland - Wellington *Overnight* Daily  
IC6504 Wellington - Auckland *Overnight* Daily  
IC6606 Hastings - Tauranga Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC7103 Tauranga - Hastings Mon, Thu, Fri, Sun  
IC6805 Whanganui - Wellington Daily  
IC6808 Palmerston North - New Plymouth Daily  
IC6809 New Plymouth - Palmerston North Daily  
IC6818 Wellington - Whanganui Daily  
IC6961 Napier  - Wellington Daily  
IC6962 Wellington - Napier Daily  
IC7701 Tauranga - Wellington Daily  
IC7710 Wellington - Tauranga Daily  
IC8110 Dunedin - Christchurch Daily  
IC8137 Christchurch - Dunedin Daily  
IC8205 Christchurch - Invercargill Daily  
IC8206 Invercargill - Christchurch Daily  
IC8502 Queenstown - Dunedin Daily  
IC8503 Dunedin - Queenstown Daily  
IC8707 Christchurch - Picton Daily  
IC8708 Picton - Christchurch Daily  
IC8701 Nelson - Picton Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun 31 October
IC8702 Picton - Nelson Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun 31 October
IC8825 Nelson - Greymouth Mon,Wed,Fri 30 September
GS9829 Greymouth - Fox Glacier Mon,Wed,Fri 30 September
IC8826 Greymouth - Nelson Wed,Fri,Sun 30 September
GS9830 Fox Glacier - Greymouth Wed, Fri, Sun 30 September
IC9556 Queenstown - Christchurch Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun 31 October
IC9557 Christchurch - Queenstown Mon,Wed,Fri,Sun 31 October
GS9824 Queenstown - Franz Josef Tue,Thu,Sat 30 September
GS9827 Franz Josef - Queenstown Tue,Thu,Sat 30 September
TZ6926 Masterton - Palmerston North Tue  
TZ6929 Palmerston North - Masterton Tue  
TZ6932 Masterton - Palmerston North Fri,Sun  
TZ6933 Palmerston North - Masterton Fri,Sun  
FC8614 Christchurch-Akaroa Daily  
FC8614 Akaroa-Christchurch Daily  
HC8616 Christchurch-Hanmer Springs Daily  
HC8619 Hanmer Springs - Christchurch Daily  
YL9436 Tarras - Wanaka Fri,Sun,Mon,Wed  
YL9439 Wanaka - Tarras Fri,Sun,Mon,Wed